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The beginning of Hells Angels Motorcycle Club

on march the 17th. 1948 the first Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in the Fontana-San Bernadino area in the united States of America.About the same time other clubs were formed in various places in the state of California, but none of these clubs were associated neither with Hells Angels nor with each other, and most of them do not exist today. The San Bernadino charter (also called Berdoo) still exists, although most of its original members at one time moved northwards to Oakland.

This removal is probably the reason why many outsiders wrongly describe oakland as the Mothercharter of the Heels Angels MC World.

during the fifties more Hells Angels charters came into existence. In the beginning the charters had nothing to do with each other, but after some years they united and regular criteria of admission were laid down. From having been exlusively a Californian phenomenom, the club developed internationally in 1961.

It happened when the first chater outside California was adopted strangely enough as far away as Auckland, New Zealand. During the sixties Hells Angels spread out to the East coast of the USA and later to the Midwest.

On July the 30th. 1969 the first European Hells Angels charter was accepted in london, England and today there are more than 125 charters in Europe alone. in the end of the seventies Australian clubs were admitted and in 1984, Rio de Janeiro, Brasil became the first south American charter. In 1993 Hells Angels came to the African continent with a charter in Johannesburg, Sout Africa. Eastern Europe got its own Hells Angels charter in the new millenium and since then many more countries have been granted the now famous winged death head.

The admission of clubs all overthe globe caused changes in the structure of the Hells Angels. The small motorcycle club from Berdoo was now mothercharter of the worlds biggest motorcycle brotherhood HELLS ANGELS MOTORCYCLE CLUB WORLD.

Today Hells ANgels MC has charters in Argentina, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Bohemia, Brazil, Canada, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, england, finland, France, Germany, Greece, Holland, Italy, Lichtenstein, Luxembourg, New Zealand, Norway, poland, Portugal, russia, spain, Switzerland, south Africa, sweden and wales. And many more whil follow.

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